Parrot Peak 4.436 mt.

Name: Parrot Peak
Altitude: 4.436m
Coordinates: Lat. N 45° 55' 10'', Long. E 7° 52' 10''
First ascension: 16th August 1863 by Reginald S. MacDonald, Florence Crauford Grove, Montagu Woodmass e William Edward Hall, with the guides Melchior Anderegg and Peter Perren.

The Parrot peak seams like a little Lyskamm, it is very interesting both for the ascent and for the view from the top. It is separated from the Gnifetti Peak by the Sesia Pass, where starts the Parrot ridge and in this way begins the ascent for the mountaineers that came from Capanna Margherita. On the opposite side came the mountaineers from Lys Pass.
The first ascent of Parrot peak was made in 1863 by the guides Anderegg and Perren with three customers McDonald, C. Grove e Woodmass.
The view from the top is wonderful, you will see the Gnifetti Peak, the Capanna Margherita, on the south-east Valsesia and all around Ludwigshöhe, Schwarzhorn, Zumstein and Dufour.

You will reach the Mantova hut from Indren point and you will spend there the night. The next morning, you climb up the glacier up to the Gnifetti hut.
On the left you will see the Pyramid Vincent and after that the Balmenhorn with the statue of the Christ (an important point of reference). In case of bad weather or need on the Balmenhorn you will find the bivouac Giordano. Always on the right you will see the Schwarzhorn and you continue till the large plateau of the Lys Pass. You leave the Ludwigshöhe on the right and you go on the right towards the Parrot. In some case the track goes up on the rocks and continue on the ridge, in other case avoid the rocks. You follow one of the tracks till the ridge and you continue towards the top. For the descent you can go down till the Sesia pass and on the left you will find the track you left during the ascent or you can follow the way of the ascent backwards.

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