Ludwigshöhe 4.342 mt.

Name: Ludwigshohe
Altitude: 4.342m
Coordinates: Lat. N 45° 55' 0'', Long. E 7° 50' 0''
First ascension: 25th August 1822 by F.Luwig Freiherr von Welden and fellows

The Ludwigshohe is located between the Parrot and the Schwarzhorn. It is not a real top, but a lot of mountaineers reach it on their way to other tops or to Capanna Margherita. In 1822 the topographer Ludwig Van Welden and some fellows reached for the first time this top.
You can reach the Ludwigshohe in a few minutes from the main track to Gnifetti Pass or you can make an alternative itinerary on the way down from Capanna Margherita, descent till Sesia Pass, ascent of Parrot Peak, descent and ascent of Ludwigshöhe, descent and ascent of Schwarzhorn and than visit the statue of the Christ on the Balmenhorn.

You climb up following the track to Lys Pass. You go around it on the right on not steep slopes and you reach a flat area with some crevasse. You continue across the whole plateau and you will see on the right the Pyramid Vincent. After that you will see the Balmenhorn and the statue of the Christ (an important point of reference). In case of bad weather or need on the Balmenhorn you will find the bivouac Giordano. Always on the right you will see the Schwarzhorn and you continue till a large plateau, the Lys Pass. You go on the right towards the Ludwigshöhe, following the existing tracks. You climb up till the flat summit of the Ludwigshöhe. To go down you follow the same way of ascent till the Manotva Hut where you stop for a pleasant meal.