Zumstein Peak 4.563 mt.

Name: Zumstein
Altitude: 4.563m
Coordinates: Lat. N 45° 55' 55'', Long. E 7° 52' 17''
First ascension:
1st August 1820 by Joseph and Johann Niklaus Vincent, Joseph Zumstein, Molinatti, Castel.

This top was named after Joseph Zumstein that in 1820 reaches the top. It was one of the more remote top of the Alps. Today is a passage for the mountaineers that want to reach the Dufour peak from Gnifetti pass or that came back from Capanna Margherita.

You will reach the Mantova hut from Indren point and you will spend there the night. The next morning, you climb up the glacier up to the Gnifetti hut.
On the left you will see the Pyramid Vincent and  after that the Balmenhorn with the statue of the Christ (an important point of reference). In case of bad weather or need on the Balmenhorn you will find the bivouac Giordano. Always on the right you will see the Schwarzhorn and you continue till the large plateau of the Lys Pass. Here you are in the middle between Capanna Margherita and Gnifetti hut. You leave on the right Ludwigshohe and you follow the track that goes along the Parrot. The track begins to climb up again and after a steep rise you reach the Gnifetti Pass. You continue on the left on the opposite side of Capanna Margherita, following the ridge that leads on the Zumstein top. To go down you follow the same way of ascent till the Manotva Hut where you stop for a pleasant meal.

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